Saab Sonett 2 specification


Please find below the car specification as it is standing

Saab Sonett 2  two stroke / fully restored / race ready

Asked price 420.000 SEK / 42.000 EUR

850 cc two-stroke newly tuned sport Grp2 engine
Manual gearshift, 4 speed, front wheel drive
Modell year 1967 number 190 of 258 built

Oddometer approx 6850 US miles before restoration, +5000 km after

Swedish registration YFS807

Overall description: (see also attached photo of option list):
-Everything according to original specification NO modifications or add on apart from race

-White solid exterior paint, "Chamonix white", DuPont original paint used at repaint 2009

-Interior remade with new old stock original fabric

-Original roll cage

-1967 exported to US, sold in Michigan

-1985 vehicle examined by Saab connoisseur, judged to be complete but with structural weaknesses (photos available) 

I bought the car in US

-2008 imported to France for full refurbishment by Caroserist de Voiture ancient in Lyon 

-2009 Chassis and body completely overhauled and ALL old repairs and rost parts exchanged.

During the years to come I slowly through several skilled craftsmen restored the car, all with the intention to race it in historical racing. Nothing is therefore speared in cost and historical race options

-2017 reinstalled in the Swedish car register 50 years after it was exported, I drove it some 4500 km during 2017

-2018 motor break down at first run after winter! Breakdown of one piston rod bearing, one piston destroyed

-2018 December motor totally refurbished by a professional tuner (he also won the Swedish max 1000cc cup in 2018). Grp2 tuned, new pistons and piston rods from Tim Doney in the US (world speed record holder of cars up to 1000cc)

-2019 car reassembled and runs very nice, estimated real power of 85hp, a real lift versus before and still very driveable

-Exterior: very good

-Interior: very good, fresh but original, no fake materials

-Windows: excellent

-Tires: Cooper Cobra Radial GT in good condition with approx 20% wear

-Brakes and clutch: clutch NOS parts installed at motor renovation 2018-2019, NOS rally break pads installed 2017 with 10% wear

Race options, from front to back (all parts authentical for late 1960):

-Saab original extra light with original covers (pepita pattern)

-Koni adjustable race front shock absorbers

-GRP2 tuned motor according to original Saab tune instruction from mid-1960 (needed to be able to run certain historical rallyes)

-Temperature meter of engine combustion gases, XP modern meter built into an old VDO body. To run a two-stroke motor hard and not wreck it you need this. Placed at the location of the clock, 100% rebuildable

-Race fire extinguisher, safety version race approved, mounted under the dash (in a safe position also for the passenger)

-Special road map pockets on the side of the driver and the passenger, very handy, used in the Rally Monte Carlo cars by Saab

-Map reader "spiral" lamp on the passenger side

-Saab wooden race steering wheel AND Saab rally slightly smaller aluminum - leather steering wheel (my favorite), both steering wheels follow with the car

-Heuer rally stopwatch, dash mounted. A long article could be written only on this. Original, not a Tag Heuer relaunch!

-Halda speed pilot, spedo and chronometer including a mechanical computer, another legendary Rally instrument

-Full tool set, many Saab original tools, in Sandqvist leather tool case

-KYB gas rear shock absorbers, one of very few race approved gas shock absorbers

-Original Sonett 5,5 spare wheel with new compact tire 

-Tudor race battery

-Race numbers x3, all erasable without remaining scratches or marks

..probably forgotten some options

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