Porsche 997

Porsche 911 / 997 Carrera 4


Most people interested in sports car will sooner or later buy a Porsche 911. An iconic brand and an even more well-known model. I bought mine after a period of lots of wrenching on older classic racing sports cars. I wanted a driveable car by myself and my wife, no problem, high-performance sports car. As being used to front wheel sports and racing cars I went for the 4 wheel drive C4, by doing that you also get the wide body (same as Turbo versions). I wanted a modern car with a fairly manageable price tag with a manual gearbox that's why I selected the 997.


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I am a close to 50 years old guy heavily interested in sports cars and classic racing cars but also IronMan triathlon racing. My projects normally range from 3 to 10 years of scoping, finding, buying, refurbishing, driving and finally selling the car. Previously I had a big garage of up to 6 cars and it was a mess with lots of interesting but non-drivable cars. Today I have a small 1 car garage and a storage of-site. I am not a car dealer quite the opposite. I am a collector that unfortunately overspend on parts, to get my cars where I want them, to be driveable, reliable and well tuned. When I sell a car it is after long hesitation but the longing for a new project is in the end stronger. My prices could be interpreted as high but they reflect the number of parts and work that you always needs to spend, especially on sports cars.

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