Porsche 997 specification


Please find below the car specification as it is standing

Porsche 911 / 997 Carrera 4 / 3.6 liter

Asked price 380.000 SEK / 38.000 EUR

Wide body, four-wheel drive
Manual gearshift, 6 speed
Modell year 2006

Oddometer 134000 km

Swedish registration CRE901

Options: (see also attached photo of option list):
-Everything according to original specification NO modifications or add on

-Black solid exterior paint

-Full leather interior(extended version) with Alcantara roof leather


-Porsche navigation with updated Euro maps 2018-10-07

-Porsche CD changer with 1 + 6 CD slots (1 in the radio and 6 in the front trunk)

-2006-2010 originally sold and used in Germany
-2011-2017 owner 2 imported it to Stockholm, Sweden
-2017-2019 owner 3 (me) situated in Kalmar, Sweden

Remark: in the Swedish car registration register there are 5 owners, whereof the 3 above and 2 car dealership owning it for some days

-Exterior: good with some few scratches

-Interior: good with some few marks from a child seat on the passenger side

-Windows: excellent

-Tires: brand new Michelin Pilot, used less than 100 km

-Brakes and clutch: good


-Complete service book
-Owner 2, frequent service at PC Stockholm, well documented. Porsche approved insurance at the time of import

-Owner 3, me, exchange of water pump PC Kalmar, exchange of all ignition cassettes, tandem vacuum pump, power steering liquids reservoir, all linkage and rubber part front suspension, front shock absorbers. Check and refill of cooling liquid airconditioner. Exchange of cooling liquids, power steering liquids, and engine oil and filter. Refurbishment of original wheels with new paint and new Porsche center caps. Professional 4 wheel alignment at tire exchange. All parts Porsche original with supportive documentation.

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